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About Hopewell Pharma Ventures

We are different

Our Value Proposition

At Hopewell Pharma Ventures, we don’t measure success by the number of products in our portfolio, instead we seek out products to bring to market that we believe will have meaningful impact on patient choice. Usually this means leading the way through a thicket of pharmaceutical complexities, including formulation, regulatory and intellectual property on the long but important journey from concept to market. The result is products that will deliver real value for patients, payors and our investors.

Decades of Expertise, Development & Regulatory Prowess

Our seasoned team boasts decades of experience in selecting and developing complex, specialty and/or first-time generics  across a diverse range of dosage forms and drug delivery technologies. They have an excellent track record of navigating tricky regulatory issues, relating to REMS programs, difficult-to-source reference products, exclusivities, as well as challenging bioequivalence requirements, such as those involving in-patient studies.

History of Navigating Regulatory and Patent Hurdles

Intellectual Property is the foundation of the pharmaceutical industry and vital in supporting the search for new medicines. At the same time, the need for more affordable medicines mandates companies like ours to ensure generic alternatives are available at the earliest possible opportunity. Whether through innovative non-infringement strategies, or testing the validity of patents, the Hopewell Pharma Ventures team has years of experience in navigating intellectual property hurdles and the Company seeks out products where this expertise can be applied.

Asset Light

Unlike traditional pharma companies burdened by physical assets, we embrace an “asset-light” approach.

By partnering with best-in-class contract development and manufacturing organizations, we tap into cutting-edge pharmaceutical technologies and innovations. This also enables us to choose the best facilities in terms of quality and we can ensure our products are typically made where they are sold, in the United States.

This agility allows us to focus on what truly matters – reliably delivering high-quality, affordable medications across diverse dosage forms, without the limitations of in-house facilities.

Strategic API Sourcing

At Hopewell Pharma Ventures, API sourcing isn’t simply a procurement function; it’s a cornerstone of our patient-centric mission.

We cultivate lasting partnerships with globally recognized, quality-driven API manufacturers to source our unique or hard-to-source APIs. These collaborations go beyond mere transactions, fostering open communication and joint problem-solving to ensure consistent quality and supply of API ultimately resulting in enhancing patient choice.


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